Industry leaders’ technology and business skills are utilised in order to mould the talent of Young Learners and Students into a high-skilled workforce and successful entrepreneurs, as well as empowering the role of Women in the technology industry by addressing these key areas:

Talent Development
Talent Attraction
Talent Retention
5G OpenLab

Let’s build 5G together

At 5G OpenLab, we want to partner universities, startups and businesses to trial and explore what’s possible with 5G. We seek innovators with ready solutions that will benefit from 5G’s high-speed, massive bandwidth and ultra-low latency connectivity.   Come build Malaysia’s 5G ecosystem together at the heart of Cyberjaya, the Capital of Creation. Test your technology on our live 5G network now. Let's explore, write to us at 5G OpenLab

Sep 16, 2019 - Oct 16, 2019


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Young Learners Innovation Programme

What better time to mould brilliant minds, if not from young?

Creative minds are nurtured and empowered to explore their potential and ignite their passion through a tailored innovation programme, which focuses on building a community of young students who can eventually code with one or many coding languages.

We had explored and found that emphasising Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics subjects to young children was a good basis for them to excel in programming, creativity and innovation, grow their talent and develop their skills based learning.


LEGO Robotics Programme (Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3) :
Who knew that playing with LEGO bricks and Robotics could teach vital life skills to children? Open to ages 8 – 15, this is a proven and unique system for learning with hands-on, minds-on approach that would develop the problem solving skills and collaborative outlook necessary to become creators and not just consumers.

Young Learners Innovation Programme

Minecraft Education
Let’s make learning fun again! This programme gamifies the learning experience and provides participants with the knowledge of programming fundamentals, while introducing the players to problem-solving and basic coding skills, and encouraging team work as they navigate, mine, craft and explore.


Open Bot Community Thematic Challenges
Whether you’re a curious young mind or a young-at-heart Robotics enthusiast, this platform is for you! Come together and enhance the education sphere for young learners in areas of animation, coding, or even 3D printing, and be part of the development of knowledge workers. The challenges are centred around the community, with collaboration with tech companies as we increase the tournament level to involve programming and creative design.


Science & Technology Themed school holiday camps
School’s out! Expand young minds with our thematic school holiday camps that explore enriching themes such as Space Exploration, Robotics and many more.

University Students

We groom the biggest talent supply group to the industry with relevant exposures, necessary skills and knowledge, and experience to improve their employability before entering the job market. 


We believe the youth are the future, and to ensure a bright tomorrow, a special programme has been designed with the University community with a myriad of invaluable benefits and experience:

  • Opportunities for local and international university students to experience practical, out-of-classroom learning (internship programmes with Startups, SMEs and MNCs in Cyberjaya)
  • Exposure on entrepreneurship education and participate in the entrepreneurship events
  • Opportunity for students to be part of Cyberjaya Student Ambassador programme
  • Research collaboration opportunities with subject matter expert advisory from the tech industry.
  • A chance to participate and support universities in career talks, career events, students engagement, train the trainer programme.


To promote and advocate the University community, we have made proud collaborations with various universities.

The Cyberjaya Institutes of Higher Learning Network aims to improve the existing teaching methods through knowledge exchange from the industry players. The partnering universities can also benefit from our extensive network, and vice versa.

  • Opportunity for potential research collaborations/subject matter expert advisory with universities and industry partners
  • Provide the opportunity to update curriculum/syllabus to ensure industry relevance.
  • Possibility for any Universities/partners to use Cyberjaya as a test bed for any solutions developed
  • Participate and support universities in career talks, career events, student engagements, train the trainer programme.
  • Knowledge exchange with the industry players from multinational companies, enterprises and startups.

Career Fairs
Job Placement
Mentoring & Coaching
Industrial Visits
Collaborative Programmes Opportunities


These programmes are tailored for startups to push your technology solutions to the next level through intensive coaching, networking and marketing programmes.

Living Lab Accelerator


Through Cyberview’s line of experts and a massive network, these programmes give innovation’s potential a boost through essential business and digital skill training, funding access facilitation and market access.

Living Lab Enterprise

Cyberjaya Women Network

A collaborative effort between advocates in Cyberjaya to come up with initiatives to retain women in the workforce, bringing back women on career break and increasing women representation in senior management position.

Cyberjaya Women Network

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