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At 5G OpenLab, we want to partner universities, startups and businesses to trial and explore what’s possible with 5G. We seek innovators with ready solutions that will benefit from 5G’s high-speed, massive bandwidth and ultra-low latency connectivity.   Come build Malaysia’s 5G ecosystem together at the heart of Cyberjaya, the Capital of Creation. Test your technology on our live 5G network now. Let's explore, write to us at 5G OpenLab @cyberview.com.my.

Sep 16, 2019 - Oct 16, 2019


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Smart Living is a Life Fulfilled

Smart City Framework

A liveable city is more than just an address – it’s a place where people can work and live life to the fullest.
To enhance the life of our residents, infrastructure and application project collaborations have been created to enable the implementation of a Smart City.
Our solutions cover all areas pertinent to high quality city living:

Smart City Framework
Environment - Improving efficiency and quality of infrastructure in Cyberjaya

Technological advances should not be at the expense of the environment. Efficient use of energy and resources, as well as intelligent solutions that improves transportation efficiency creates a Smart Environment for our residents to live in.

Infrastructure - Providing low carbon as well as energy efficient solutions

Digital connectivity is essential to our daily living, and now with Wireless Cyberjaya, residents get to enjoy smooth and fast connection that they need for work and play. Our smart solutions also improve efficiency in road and traffic usage. With Smart Infrastructure, ‘life without lag’ both virtually and in real life is possible.

Economy - Improving economic activities using smart and innovative technology

A Smart Economy enables businesses to run smoothly and improves efficiency of the labour market. Digital technology can be used to advertise a hyperlocal company's products and services in a more interactive way, while an e-Job portal brings together employers and job seekers in a more cohesive manner.

Social - Engaging the community and enhancing quality of life with technology

A safe city is a happy city. You should have peace of mind when you’re out on an evening jog, or when your children are at play. Smart Social enhances safety within the community using smart security systems and video surveillance; while technology such as open data is used to solve social problems or issues faced by the community.

Smart City 5 Years Road Map


Promoting widespread access and adoption (2019-2020)


Integrating solutions for control and monitoring (2017-2018)


Promoting consumption of smart city solutions (2016)


Introduction of smart city foundation (2015)

When Our Powers Combine

Smart City 5 Years Road Map

Collaboration is key to build a Smart City. Interoperability allows sharing of information which facilitates product innovation and co-production of urban services. These innovative technologies and enhancement of urban services increases the livability of Cyberjaya, promotes sustainable economic growth and helps develop new markets.

Let’s Join Forces!

We are keen to work closely with partners, residents and visitors of Cyberjaya to develop ideas and solutions aimed at improving the liveability of the city. We are looking for companies searching for a place to test their innovative technologies or willing to co-invest and collaborate, entities that will add visible value to Cyberjaya, and we welcome solutions that can be integrated into a common open platform.

What’s in it for everyone?

As our partners, you will benefit from creation of new and innovative products, co-production and optimization of urban services. Our Living Lab initiative enables you to use Cyberjaya as a test bed for your new technologies, that you can then launch into a broader ASEAN market. Leverage on our strong links to the Malaysian government and grab the opportunity to work with our partners like TM on brownfield and greenfield projects.

Ultimately, our collaboration is working toward a greater cause for the public by solving existing problems and creating more business opportunities through sharing of data and collaboration.

So if you have a great idea and are ready to make history – let’s team up to transform Cyberjaya into a Global Tech Hub.